Issue 2015:2 includes the following articles:


- Gabriel Michanek: Introduction … 5

- Helle Tegner Anker: Agricultural nitrate pollution – regulatory approaches in the EU and Denmark … 7

- Hendrik Schoukens: Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition and the Habitats Directive: Tinkering with the Law in the Face of the Precautionary Principle? … 25

- Anna Christiernsson: Åtgärdsprogrammens funktion vid länsstyrelsernas prövning och tillsyn av vattenverksamheter … 59

- Minna Pappila and Lea Halonen: The Impact of the Water Framework Directive on Diffuse Pollution Control: the Case of Ditch Network Maintenance in Finnish Forests … 77

- Anna Christiernsson: God miljöstatus och fiske – Hur effektiva är miljökvalitetsnormer? … 93

- My Pettersson and Lena Wahlberg: Investigator Self-Interest in the Environmental Process … 107

- Simon Marsden: The Helsinki Water Convention: Implementation and Compliance in Asia … 119


Next ordinary issue is planned to be published 15 July 2016 and you are most welcome to submit papers before 30 April.


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